Friday, March 27, 2009

This Lump In My Throat Won't Go Away Anytime Soon

The boys in blue don't stay home on snow days,
Don't get to choose who they help out or why,
No matter attitude, abuse or praise,
The job is clear: whatever goes awry
Must be redressed, at risk of life or limb
If needed. Accident, attack or fire,
Domestic fight, escape, or murder grim,
The boys in blue must suck it up. Admire
Or hate them as you will, you'll still get help --
Or if you're doing harm, they'll kick your ass,
While back at home, their kids and puppies yelp
And wives must give that dinnertime a pass.
So when some bastard shoots a working cop
It's right that civ'lization's at a stop.

1 comment:

  1. I was in Oakland that day at Mills College, running a math and science conference for middle school girls. We always have an afterparty for the presenters and volunteers but this year we got to evacuate since the initial shooting was 6 blocks away and the suspect was at large. It boggles the mind how someone who was worried about being sent back to prison managed to not only get himself killed but took 4 others along with him. As my mom says "there must have been something missing in his brain".



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