Thursday, March 12, 2009

BONUS SONNET: Why I Watches The Watchmen

The casting call, for the big Watchmen flick
Must have been odd. "Must make a good blue nude."
They found one, though, and Crudup did the trick;
He managed to emote, not to say brood,
From 'neath the paint. But Haley stole the show.
To act under that mask was no mean feat.
And Rorsach in the prison - umm, hello...
Hands down the best part of the film, complete.
A faithful adaptation? There's no doubt!
Down to the wardrobe and the set design,
The detail lavished here just knocked me out!
The novel to the life! A moving shrine!
As to the ending - honestly, I thought
The movie has the better, for this plot.

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