Monday, March 16, 2009

Unnessessarry Reebranding Is Kinda Stoopid

A roze by any other name smelz good,
But korprit stuff werks by kwite other rulz -
Or so I thot, but then agen I wood:
I think that sienz fikshun's not for foolz.
But Universal TV disagrees,
And thinks "SyFy" is better than "Sci-Fi."
"Imagine Greater" is there noo tagline.
Iliterasy triumfs. I just sy.
It's televizhun. Duz no good to wine.
Enough! I can't keep spelling things that way.
It hurts my eyes and brain to look at it.
I'm lucky I don't have to; I survey
The science fiction scene but don't submit
Myself to cable; I watch DVDs
And can skip by the logos as I please.

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