Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On How I Would Really Love To Go Home And Take A Nyquil Right Now

I have a *COUGH* slight problem with my voice.
Like marathoners *SNEEZE* my nose doth run.
The Kleenex box is empty. I've no choice,
*ACHOO* cuz I must end what I've begun.
The late adopter of the *SNIFFLE* bug
Is usu'lly the one who *MOANS* the most.
The ones who brought it *STAGGER* home and drug
Themselves and leave the well to coast
On through the week *BLESS YOU* as best they can
Until they, too, succumb -- then it's too late
To go home *HACK&. The job still needs each man
Or woman to keep on *EXPECTORATE*.
And so I tough it out. Can't help but whine
A bit. At least, though, my job still is mine!

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