Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BONUS SONNET: Written On A Dare

The gauntlet thrown, of course I pick it up.
A Twitterfriend has double-dog dared me
To sonnetize on Cheney. I said yup,
I bet I can before I'm off to see
How many Guiness glasses I can down
To celebrate this fine St. Patrick's Day.
I hope he won't turn this here sonnet down --
A meta-sonnet is fair game, I'd say.
We all know 'bout the ex-veep's latest mess:
His rush to out Limbaugh ol' Rush Limbaugh.
Dick Cheney, in his great Bitchassedness
Keeps dissing on Obama, won't withdraw.
But what do we expect from Tortur'n Dick?
Was he going to depart the field that quick?

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