Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Warbler's Nest

A peasant woman, searching through the reeds
Begins this interactive fairy tale.
One isn't sure at first just what she needs
Except for eggshells. This one's modest scale --
Just four "rooms" -- seems a limit, but within
This tight parameters, a story's told
Of faeries, changelings, temptation to sin
And possible redemption. I'm left cold,
Though by some game mechanics: "search" and "look"
(Or, if you like, "examine") often are
Just interchangeable, but this game's hook
Depends on using both. You won't' get far
Just using one. The Warbler's Nest, for me,
Gets decent marks; so far in my top three.

Sonneteer's note: If you find yourself playing a lot of these games I'm reviewing during the 2010 Interactive Fiction Competition, check out the competition as a whole and vote. There are more games than I'm getting around to sonnetizing.

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