Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Huh? What? Moar Cold Medicine!

I had to leave the house today: too soon.
It could not be avoided but, I'd say,
It set me back some days. Inopportune?
Try horrible. Now I just want this day
To close, though there is much yet to enjoy:
My folks came bearing dead cow for to grill
(Indoors, I think. The wind would sure destroy
Attempts to barbecue; though he's the will
My dad's a one-eyed monster just now, for
He got his mad bionics this morn, wears
An eyepatch while it heals up, all the more
To keep him indoors!). And, yes, meanwhile, there's
Some baseball game tonight, I hear. I might
Not make it through all that, though, not tonight.

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