Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween From Kate And @Isoban

"Sweetie Got Away" digital art by Christopher Butler, aka Isoban

When Rintrah caught a dragonet, his thought
To train it like a falcon seemed ideal
(When one depends on just the souls one's caught
To feed one's family every single meal
Some help is much appreciated). So
When Gamory showed little talent for
The task it was appointed, Rintrah's woe
Shook all the fires of hell, until Rintror
(His youngest daughter) tugged his pantleg, said
"It's pretty. May I keep him? Do say yes!"
"All right, but pull its wings off." "Ew! It bled
All over me!" "Well, leave them on, I guess,"
Quoth Rintrah. Then the darn thing burst out, free
(And Happy Halloween from Chris and me)!


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