Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BONUS SONNET: Eyepatch Brigadier: In Which I Declare My Undying Love

A journey to an alternate world can
Be quite disorienting, even queer
(In that old-fashioned sense). That such a man
Exists as the great Eyepatch-Brigadier
(In Doctor Who: Inferno) leaves me stunned.
The Goatee-Spock, the Wicked Walternate
Have naught on him; he's got them all outgunned
With just a one-eyed glare. And what did cut
That fearsome Omar Little scar across
His face, and left him so bowel-chilling cold?
As mirror world chaps go, he is the boss.
Not even fair Fauxlivia could hold
A candle to him; he would blow it out
And strike her dead with just a single shout.

1 comment:

  1. Lot of candles here, no electricity
    wht would do


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