Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Which I Get A Little Heated By A Game

I cannot say I've always wondered what
'Twould be to live a grungy bach'lor's life --
I sort of knew from dating 'mongst them, but,
Comes Heated, where Tim Peers shows me its strife.
My goal's to get work on time without
A loss of temper, and I'd best look well.
My foes are my own stuff and home, about
Which things are strewn that I need. What the hell?
Some normal is abnormal, like the sink
In which I rinse my keys but cannot wash
My hands? More effort's gone, I have to think
To atmospherics -- and they're far from posh,
As I have said. I won't say this was fun,
(The grammar's poor), but it's not poorly done.


  1. Will all your reviews be of this same form?
    Fair maid -- I give you the doubt's benefit,
    As you neatly turn your nose at his dorm
    Or as he says, at his hole of -- err -- crap:
    While Peers peers at your review, does he near tears?
    Surely not. Then you are fair. You've not cheated.
    Thus unfounded of you would be all fears:
    So thanks for your cool review of _Heated._
    --Proper form I've a little broken
    To ensure you hear what I've spoken.

  2. O Conrad of the Wet Sneaker, I'll say
    I'm honoured that you've peeked into my blog.
    I am an IF newbie, by the way,
    So felt I shouldn't go elsewhere and clog
    The forums with my uninformed wee rants
    (I like to keep them short, and sonnets are
    My metier). That said, well, at a glance
    We seem to much agree on games so far.
    I've only played a handful of this year's,
    And only two have really grabbed me yet,
    Have earned from me some unabashed cheers,
    Has it been so for you? I'm sure. I'll bet
    You like the People's Revolution well,
    And Warbler's Nest, too. If not, what the hell 8)

  3. I have on my blog a random list
    --No need to read it; you get the gist--
    So contestants breathless aren't perplexed
    But will always know which comes next.
    These games you say I've not yet played
    They're further on down, I'm afraid
    But play them I will, so don't get pissed.

    (Not a single one will be missed!)


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