Friday, June 11, 2010

In Which My @Laroquod Is Now One Year Younger Per Our Agreement

A time walker's a hard man to pin down,
But in this world at least, today doth mark
An anniversary. He's been around
A bit, my Laroquod, and did embark
Upon his journey on this day back when
The moon bore not our footprints quite yet. He,
Has mastered certain skills that other men
Have only dreamed of, and he brings to me
Things new and old I've never seen before
(That queue deformer), and I never might
Were not for him. And there is so much more
I'd tell you but it's more fun to incite
Him to show you himself, pull off his cowl
And let him loose. All I can say is: HOWL!


  1. I have definitely mastered travelling through time and perhaps soon I'll be able to more reliably do it at a greater than 1:1 ratio. Thanks for the wishes, ((Kate))!

    P.S. Nice sonnet! Howl. 87


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