Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In Which The Sonnet Queen Knows Things You Don't

I take a confidence seriously,
And that is why in confidence I'm told
So many things. But I still get to squee
As long as I disclose naught. I won't fold
Or bow to pressure put on me to spill
My knowledge, but that doesn't mean I can't
Gloat on this page, say neener-neener, thrill
Myself, if no one else. Go on and rant
And call me tease; I care not. I have got
At least two secrets, and the day's yet young.
I won't say whose, nor any of that rot.
No clues escape my fingers, nor my tongue.
When comes the day that you're allowed to know,
You shall. Till then, just listen to me crow.


  1. Heh. One of the secrets was already spilled, but not by me. That's about a new web comic at rgbfilter, God 2.0, written by Paul Laroquod (a frequent commenter here at Suppertime Sonnets) and drawn by Doug Groves. Check it out; the inaugural comic is rather droll:



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