Saturday, June 5, 2010

SONNET DARE: In Which I Attempt To Make Sense Of The Senseless

Has madness, static and dynamic, been
So well combined as here, where Mr. Chess
Did thespianate as was lately seen
By Laroquod? I find I can but guess.
"Rail, genius," quoth he, upon his sign,
"Twelve beauty natural blonde girls' members stars --
An opportunity with them is thine!"
(I paraphrase a bit). Is he from Mars?
Or hath he the mere form of one who's come
From there, this actor dancer? It may be
That only Paul can know, who witnessed some
Of this performance, to whate'er degree
A subway ride afforded. One thing's sure:
'Twas fascinating for him to endure.


  1. Kate you are a genius poet (internet) dancer from the Moon! Brava!

  2. I genuflect in your general direction, sir.


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