Monday, June 14, 2010

In Which I Enjoy A Rainy Bike Commute

"I get a buzz from being cold and wet,"
Pete Townsend sings, and I can but agree.
How else explain the soaking that I get
When on a rainy day, I choose to be
A bike commuter. While the cars slow down,
Their windshields fogged and blurred, their drivers mad,
I speed on down the Greenway, love my town
For giving me this back route. Bits are bad,
I will not lie; the tunnels 'neath Dell Range
Are flooded and detours I have to make
Force me to deal with angry drivers. Change
Is good for me, though; just means I must take
Some extra care. Meanwhile the water pours
And I soar blithely through the great outdoors.


  1. Well written, Kate. I felt like I was making the commute myself. Keep up the riding and the writing!

  2. This is my 766th sonnet and I don't know how many bike commutes I've made. I don't seem able to stop either. Thanks for stopping by, Rex!


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