Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Which Is Established My Summer Headquarters

Summer Headquarters, originally uploaded by qatesiurade.

My travel season's done until the fall.
This summer all the fun will come to me
And stay here at the domicile I call
The KATE STATION. It's nice that I can be
A hostess. When I'm not, I'm busy still;
So many writing projects, and the need
To keep in touch! But truly it would kill
Me slowly if I stayed inside; indeed
My kitchen table really can't compare
To this sweet office I've set up outside!
The signal from my network reaches there,
I've shelter from the wind, and cannot hide
My pleasure at the scent of lilacs, though
That might distract me for a month or so!


  1. Wow! Did you mow your yard with the push mower? Mine does not look nearly that good!!!

  2. I did! It takes a couple of passes but I need the exercise after Balticon ^_^

  3. My grass was almost a foot high on Saturday when I tried to mow it, after only missing one week! Too much rain... It looks like crap!


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