Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Which I Speculate On Causality

A victory for our Team U.S.A.
Another one for England; wait, there's more:
The grand release of George Hrab's Trebuchet,
The waking of the Cloverleaf beast, or
His crummy RSS feed reader and
Some buggy LamdaMOO verbs, or a fifth
And stranger cause: those vuvuzelas. Land
Is sensitive to their vibrations, too,
I have no doubt. Perhaps, though, it was all
Of these, mayhap some odder causes (true:
These all are pretty weird already; call
Me crazy if you wish) did cause to shake
The ground beneath the shield: CanadaQuake.


  1. Quite a cornucopia of possible causes, surely one of them has to be right!

    I vote LambdaMOO. XD

  2. That struck me as equally probably as the vuvuzela vibrations, certainly. Since you have direct experience of the quake, I shall defer to your judgment on the matter!


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