Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stanmageddon: In Which One Meme Dies And Another Is Born

My friends from Balticon have done me proud!
Comes now the news that last night, as they rocked
And rolled within a hotel room, too loud,
It seems, for one old man, who, it seems, knocked
(Or had some hotel lackeys do so) at
The door to our P.G.'s suite for to ask
They keep it down or just desperse. The cat
Who took my drinking buddies so to task
Was no less than Stan Lee! Oh, how I wince
To think the mighty fallen so that one
Who's caused such noise in his day now has since
Become such a naysayer at clean fun.
Scotchpocalypse is dead, I see; long live
The Stanmageddon. It has much to give.

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