Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Which I Must Hunt Up My Bikeskimo Gear

Still on vacation, so I think, am I -
Though far from there, the city I love most-
But in the early morning, I must hie
Me through the dark and chilliness we boast
As Autumn in Cheyenne (it's winter in
All but the name). Deep Blue must carry me
Through shadows to my day gig through the thin
And frosty pre-dawn air. 'Tis time to see
Where all my turtlenecks have got to, find
My Doctor-Who length scarf, and goggles, too,
That I might don the former and might wind
The latter 'round my neck and torso. You
Might find these preparations odd, but rest
Assured that it's all really for the best.

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