Sunday, September 26, 2010


Alas! The streak is broken. I forgot
To write and post a sonnet yesterday.
Somehow I got home and, I guess, I thought
I'd written one at work. I cannot say
How much this disappoints me, when, as well
My readers know, I've gone to lengths beyond
What any normal poet would to tell
A story, share a thought or news, a fond
And friendly greeting. Something always comes
To lend me inspiration. Once I could
Rely on friends to nag me when I'm late
A-posting, but that never was a good,
Effective way to keep me to my vow.
I'm sad and kind of desolate right now.


  1. Here's my dirty little secret: it never mattered to me in the least whether you managed to post a sonnet in every 24-hour period. What mattered was that you posted them at all.

  2. Thank you SO much for saying that, Paul. So very much. You must at least have been amused at my race to do one every day while we were wandering around Toronto 8)

  3. As someone who wrote a poem every day for a year I can sympathize with the shock this must be for you. Instead of thinking too much on this tiny lapse, try and think instead on the many times you posted multiple sonnets in one day. I say that for your sake, but for mine, like Laroquod, it doesn't matter to me that you post one every day, just that you continue to write with passion and joy.

  4. Thanks, Mark! I do need to focus on the 896 sonnets I wrote before, rather than the one I failed to write yesterday. Just need to double-up on the discipline. This was all just an experiment in discipline, originally, you know. Was it for you as well? Seems to me it was, but only sort of 8)

  5. Yes, it was an experiment in discipline for me too. I never thought I would complete the whole year. I learned a ton about myself and writing and even now, ten years later, I still go over the poems and re-craft them.

  6. Oh, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who keeps going back and tinkering!


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