Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Which A Beautiful Decay Is Much Admir'd

The toppling of so great a thing must make
A great and thundrous noise, to summarize
What once was said of Caesar. Now I take
This thought for one of, perhaps, lesser size,
But one whose fall we've watched, aghast, for years.
Don Draper, he whose silhouette doth plunge
Past all his noblest works; in him our fears
Of meaningless and empty toil do lunge
To grab hold of us. We are stalked, the prey
Of time and glories past, false hope; just vain
And flimsy props to hide behind. Decay
Is what we celebrate in Don; his pain
Is ours. Nor is it caution; there is naught
That we can do; in that same web we're caught.


  1. Beautiful. Relating it to the opening theme silhouette graphics is perfects. And love your choice of photos! XD

  2. The Sad Don Draper meme is going to get old soon, but that picture will always be a classic XD

    Like I said, I *like* that he's getting creepy and that things are falling apart all over the place. But I'm weird that way 8)


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