Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SONNET REVIEW: In Which I Chortle Through An Improved Christmas Story

"Be good, or Santa's coming," say the Finns.
"He'll spank you all to pieces, you watch out,"
Their children tell each other, all on pins
And needles at the thought of Christmas. Shout
A "Ho ho ho" and watch them scatter. This
Is not a friendly, shopping, merry Claus,
But rather quite a bugbear. I'm remiss
If I keep playing erudite, though, 'cause
I get me lore from filmic awesome, mates.
Rare Exports is the movie, and it brings
The funny till one's face hurts. It conflates
The Great Old Ones with Old Saint Nick and flings
The rulebook out the window. So much wrong
Is righter than the sweetest Christmas song.

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  1. This may not be saying much, but watching that movie was way, way better than Christmas. Not least because it was mercifully shorter. XD

  2. I absolutely agree. I also agree with the folk-singer type (I forget who just now) who wrote and plaintively sang "Christmas is Paaaaaiiin."


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