Thursday, September 2, 2010

In Which I Go To A Very Dark Place Indeed

I know, a steady diet of the stuff
Must lead to ruin, but just now and then
A giant slab of cheese proves just enough
To satisfy an appetite -- though when
I sought for Garth Marenghi's show, as per
My Queue Deformer's nod, I had no thought
Of just what I was in for. Through the blur
Of giggle-tears, I find my blood might clot,
My heart seize up, my veins clog up with sludge.
O, quelle fromage! I can't bear such delight
In larger doses, and yet I can't budge
From next my laptop; I'll be here 'till night!
At least the show is short-lived, ere I'd be
In trouble, late for work tomorrow. Hee!

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