Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In Which We Try Not To Lose Track

It's all a blur. Paul, can we count them still,
The films we've seen? Begin with Inside Job -
T'was mighty fine. Then Mandoo - what a thrill,
With joys delighting any cinesnob.
The Edge took us to Russia, racing trains
Across Siberia. Then Griff, Invisible
And slightly mad... Next morning we took pains
To watch a Light Thief working. Next I mull
A Lapland Odyssey with a fond laugh,
And Viva Riva, gas thieves hard at war,
Then Break-Up Club -- my god, I need a graph!
A Country Starter doc -- but wait, there's more!
Then Pinoy Sunday... Oh, and then Cold Fish...
We're up to Sunday, at least. Got your wish.

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  1. 'We didn't start the projector! It was always turning...' 87

    But for 10 days, it turned for us. 8)

  2. D'oh! I should have tried to work that in, except you just thought of it now. Happy sigh...


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