Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sonnet Dare: In Which The Accent Is The Thing

My daily life brings me against a lot
Of challenges that many find bizarre.
Time management, of course, as who has not,
For instance, but for me it's the Boomhauer
That really drives me round the bend when one
Addresses me (I've sev'ral in my care).
There is no accent spoken 'neath the sun
That I can't comprehend except that there.
Ascemic writing holds for me more sense,
And I find glossolalia a breeze,
But no, it's Bubba-speak that has me tense,
Uncomprehending, yes, and whimp'ring "Please,
Just speak some English I can understand.
Or send me an interpreter? How grand!"

1 comment:

  1. Ghods, I love it - "Please, just speak some English I can understand". Oh woe betides and me oh my, how will y'all ever survive the visit to Merlin, outwsie of Bawmer hon, if'n y'all can't figger out what all dem boys're sayin' now?


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