Thursday, December 17, 2009

O Sithmas Tree

O Sithmas Tree, originally uploaded by qatesiurade.

O Sithmas Tree, O Sithmas Tree you shine
All red and evil in my living room.
And once I've had a glass or two of wine,
You scare me just a tad there as you loom,
A phantom menace for my holiday,
Your top adorned with a shining Death Star.
Hear Yoda's vain attempts to warn away
Luke Skywalker from wandering too far
Into your sphere of influence, drawn by
Your shiny tinsel and your air of pow'r.
And Sith lords we have heard up there on high
Sing carols we know, gaily, on the hour,
Like Jolly Old Darth Nicholas and, too
Rudolph the Sith-Nosed Reindeer. Here's to you!


  1. Fab! Love the carol and Rudolph too. Kris is certainly jealous. Can you bend your skills to a Yoda haiku too?

  2. Do it or do not
    A try there really never is.
    Says it, Yoda does.

    How's that?

  3. How much has the Death Star had to drink? It's at least a bubble off. YODPM

  4. How much had MODPM had to drink when she made that comment, hmm? By the way, Sister Kris asked that question first ;)

  5. Okay I looked again and the star is still cockeyed. Is it hitting the ceiling? And, that's right, blame it on Sister Kris. :-) YODPM

  6. Oh, you were talking about THAT Death Star. Yeah; the top of the Sithmas Tree is disappointingly weak in terms of supporting the weight of a fully functional battle station.


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