Saturday, December 19, 2009

In Which Poncho The Pug Gets The Jump On Santa

Pug-sitting, and it really could be worse;
The dogs were all alone from 6 a.m.
To 5 p.m. I could have had to curse
Disasters on the floors from one of them
(Or maybe both); some business or some torn
And shredded shoes - he's just a baby yet,
Is Poncho - but there's nothing to adorn
The carpet that smells foul. "Like, hey, no sweat,"
He seems to say, the puppy who's my guest,
"Eleven hours? Hey, I am young and tough,
And crate-trained so I know it's for the best
That I don't make a mess indoors. 'Twas rough,
Though, to withstand temptation all the way,
But packages get opened anyway!"

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