Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Which Death Star Shortbread Is Baked

The kitchen's why the KATE STATION is mine.
Today we put it through its paces well.
While no-knead beer bread is a staple, fine
Baked goods are most uncommon here. I'll tell
You this: my expectations have been met!
A galley-style has always seemed the rule
Wherever I have lived before, which meant
A "one-butt" kitchen; more butts would be cruel
(That's people and not cigarettes) and we
Just get into each other's way. No more!
A pumpkin pie and shortbread baking spree
Has taken place, and scarcely was a chore
So simply done! And Sithmas treats are here:
With Death Star shortbread, how can we not cheer?

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