Thursday, December 31, 2009

Meta-Sonnet: In Which I Have Amazed Myself

December thirty-first, Two Thousand Eight
A crazy resolution came to me
A daily sonnet -- wouldn't that be great?
But could I do it? I would have to see.
The first one concerned chicken soup I'd made,
And was my very first of any sort.
A year has passed; it's now a stock in trade
Of mine, composing sonnets, fast and short,
And far more than just one a day has come
Forth from these typing fingers, thanks to dares
And birthdays, and late-breaking news of dumb
And wondrous things, and as of summer, there's
The Interstellar Feller, too. What fun!
As New Year's Resolutions go, I've won!


  1. Correction to your last line: "We've all won!" ;-D

  2. You did it! Nice job!!!

  3. Thanks guys! Maren & Kris - you helped inspire more than a few! Kellie - don't know you (yet) but thank you very much for stopping in!


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