Saturday, December 12, 2009

In Which Are Considered Ninja Robins

My good friend Travis King today revealed
A secret -- and not even on Formspring
(I'm on there, too, right here) that for his shield
And for his loved ones, too, he likes to sling
An unexpected battery of -- no,
Not Spanish Inquisition types -- rare birds:
Some hardcore, kickass, ninja-skilled (although
Innocuous to look at) robins. Words
Cannot convey my shock and my delight!
He hath commanded one, Beverly fair,
To watch o'er me and keep me, day and night,
From harm. To be the object of such care
Is no mean thing! I'm safer now, by far,
Than many a much-coddled movie star!


  1. Egad! Who is this Travis King person? He sounds like a loon.

  2. Ah, but he is a loon whom ninja-robins obey! Fear him, fear him very much, O sivarT

  3. This project that you've set yourself I find
    Is rather more ambitious than the norm.
    It must be rather taxing for your mind--
    Why did you not employ a simpler form?
    For fourteen lines methinks is far too many
    To hammer out by suppertime each night.
    Most twitterers could not come up with any
    (No, even Stephen Fry is not that bright).
    It's simpler to take photos of your food
    And dutifully post them thrice each day,
    Or post emoticons to show your mood,
    Or comment on the scandal of the day.
    So, as I sit and read and sip my cuppa,
    I wonder just how late you get your suppa!

  4. Wow!!!! Anonymous is one mighty fine sonneteer him- or herself!


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