Monday, February 23, 2009

In Which I Commemorate A Moment In History Which May Otherwise Pass Unremarked

This week, I think, was surely the first time
That Twitter witnessed such a thing as this:
A trade of barbs about a slab of slime
(A governor we cast to the abyss,
Whom I already called out as Vogon)
Morphed into reminiscing some about
Past Congressmen that Wyoming did spawn:
Not just ol' Unca Dick, last seen without
Much more to do than scowl in his wheelchair,
But a much less familiar name to most
Our own Teno Roncalio, whose flair
And funniness few now know well. A toast
To you, Ken Rudin, and I must say yes
We're first to tweet 'bout Teno, I would guess.

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