Friday, February 27, 2009

In Which I Actually Use Sonnet-Writing As An Excuse To Take A Break

The Uhaul truck is nowhere close to full.
I hate the sight of boxes and dolly.
Like Sissyphus I push and then I pull.
I'm glad, though, that my border collie
In Saratoga with my parents waits
Until this madness has come to an end.
Between my loads, I check Twitter updates
And check outside to see if I've a friend
(A local one, that is) who's shown up yet
To help or at least talk to me a bit
And earn the beer I bought. C'mon, no sweat,
I tell myself, self-pity is just shit!
Your house awaits, you, homeowner, just think!
And in that house, O glory - stuff to drink!

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