Sunday, February 8, 2009

BONUS SONNET on Brian Keene's New Novel, 135 Pages In

Is Brian Keene a rabid Tom Waits fan,
I'm wond'ring as I'm half-through Castaways?
He's got a villain who completely can
Be taken for the "hero" Tom portrays
In one of his Mule Variations songs.
"What's He Doing In There" is Matthew's theme --
All 'bout the kind of guy who ne'er belongs
On a suburban street, whose ev'ry scheme
Is analyzed by neighbor types, so sure
That what he's doing there just isn't good,
His motives cannot ever be quite pure,
Just look at him, a creepy spaced-out hood!
And in the book we see that they are right!
As he commences murder in the night!

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