Sunday, February 1, 2009

BONUS SONNET: I Knew Silent Springsteen Would Be Weird But I Didn't Know How Weird

Bruce Springsteen with the sound off is no fun -
(Though he is not my fav'rite singer, no)
Alas the workplace rulebook's will was done,
All through the Super Bowl and halftime show.
A Broncos fan am I, if fan at all.
This season, though, they lost me early on.
Once that occurs, I ignore the "football"
Or "handegg" as the wags among us yawn.
So this year's Big Burrito Bowl was not
Of much concern to me, so I just did
My usual job, in Sunday's usual spot.
But then, and quite perchance, I flipped my lid.
A foolish notion came to me to watch
A play or so, then there was BRUUUUUCE's crotch.

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