Monday, July 25, 2011

In Which I Try To Say Good-Bye To Max Bell

I knew the day would come when we would reach
For our friend Max, and he would not be there.
That day has come, it seems, and now we each
Must find the words -- they're all we have to share.
I've braced myself to feel his absence, yet
E'en so, I was not ready. It's a cheat.
I can't recall what we last spoke of, bet
'Twas something mordant, funny, even sweet
(For, snarky though he often was, his heart
Dictated kindness, even when the dumb
Just burned). I'll deeply miss him, for my part --
Or will when I am over feeling numb
And empty. Ev'ry day's a touch more dim
And more so now, with no comment from him.


  1. My condolences, K. From his photo he seems like a fun, interesting and quirky guy - the best kind! You were fortunate to have known him... and, for that reason, you'll never really lose him.

  2. Oh, Dia, he was all of those things. He had a pet hedgehog! And he loved the Exile, a bitchy alternative newspaper straight outta Russia in the 90s, my only friend who did. But you are right. More guardian ghosts in my heart...

  3. He sounds truly wonderful, K... synchronistically, hedgehogs seem to be popping up a lot lately - go figure!

    Perhaps all of our "guardian ghosts" - and their connection to this weird cyber world in which we participate - are there to eventually help us understand more about what death actually is - we can but hope!

  4. I know. (Hugs) Don't know what else to say... you already said it.


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