Friday, July 22, 2011

Spotted on Google Plus

I think I need this stencil, though perhaps
I must needs change this up a tiny bit.
Since I'm a girl, I should salute the chaps.
The chaps love sonnets, too, I've proof of it.
You think Mac Tonnies loved me for my face?
That Ommus gave me work because my tweets
Brimmed o'er with wisdom? That I found a place
On Mr. Hrab's great podcast 'cause I meets
His standards with my prose? No, sirrah, no.
Iambic pentamistressing's the way
I find to win the hearts of men, turn foe
To friend, and friend to sweetheart (well, I'll say
I hope that last is true at some point). Let
The sonnet bells toll loud for those I've met!

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