Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Which Is Born A Strange Dynamic

There's grass in our backyard now! Doggies dream
Of such things, when of such they've been deprived --
Well most dogs, anyway. D'ja hear that scream?
"Eek! Grass!" quoth mine own collie. I've not jived
You there, I do assure you. When I go
Outside to sit and watch the sprinkler keep
The sod moist, does she join me? Mostly no.
Indeed, her mistrust seems to run so deep
That when her loneliness sets her to choose
To seek my company, she gives a scratch
Upon the backdoor -- but alas, you'd lose
The bet that she is coming out. The catch
Is that she wants me there indoors instead.
Politely I refuse. She bows her head.


  1. Your skills with words must be told to all
    I can't compare as your metered words fall.

  2. What a flattering comment! Welcome to the madness, Paul 8)

  3. Kate, trade that collie for a Border Collie--she'll give you an outdoor run for your money...and round up the sheep while she's at it! : > ))

    (another) Paul

  4. Interestingly enough, she is a border collie, Another Paul! But her first few years of life were not happy ones. The ranch owner who originally had her is a notorious animal abuser and my life with her has been a long and careful nursing of her mental/emotional health. And I'm glad to say she is reclaiming her territory one pee spot at a time XD


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