Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sonnet Recipe: @drblow's Awesome Bean Dip

First open up a can of refried beans
(The vegetarian ones are the best),
A jar of salsa -- you know what this means! --
We're making the best bean dip in the West
(Or East). Shred up some lovely pepper jack --
This dip is hardly dip without the cheese! --
And if you find this combination lacks
A kick, a can of jalepenos, please!
Mix all this up and heat it on the stove
Until the cheese melts well and doth combine
With all the rest, till it's a treasure trove
Of smooth and awesome flavor, truly fine!
It's great with chips and also over rice,
And you might find some other pairings nice.


  1. Ha! This must mean that it's Superbowl Sunday! I wonder how many American households will be enjoying this goop today. ;)

  2. Probably a lot! I made it for our regular "Sunday Feast" at work today and it got inhaled. It is indeed goop, but it is tasty goop 8)

  3. I must confess - I've been known to quickly devour the entire pie plate of it. ;)

  4. Does this foreshadow a sonnetized cookbook?


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