Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Blindness

I really mustn't e'en begin to care
If anyone is reading, but I do;
Just as I know it's best that I don't stare
Out from these windows, just to see if you
Might look back at me, as I risk the fierce
Stab of the blinding sunlight that the snow
Reflects into my eyes. To let these pierce
Into me is the height of folly. No,
I must let neither in. Instead, I draw
The curtains, take a deep breath, and must turn
Back to my work, try to unclench my jaw,
And keep me from the thoughts and glare and burn.
It matters not what's happening outside.
Days such as these, I'm just meant to abide.

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  1. Dear Kate, Greetings from the opposite side of the continent (sunny south Florida). Since you wonder "if anyone's reading", just a note that my wife & I most assuredly are-- very appreciatively & with total awe of your dedication and creativity. Many thanx!! :>))

  2. Why, thank you, folks! That means a great deal.


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