Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sonnet? Nay, This Is A Yawn-et

I worked a night shift earlier this week,
It's part of how I earn the right to roam
This spring. And it was fine, but now I speak
Of aftermath, for once I moseyed home
At 1 a.m., it was not straight to bed
I went, but to the couch to read and write.
Next morning did I sleep, much like the dead,
And barely even dozed all through last night.
And now at work, my Monday, how I yawn!
My thoughts are jumbled and often I forget
Just what I'm doing. Soon, though, I'll be gone,
A beeline for the boudoir made; I'll bet
That I'm asleep before the sun is. Wow.
I wish I could be there, even right now.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I've been drifting through the passed few days due to lack of sleep.:)

  2. Love the sketch with this! You are putting together a book, right?

  3. Thanks, J! Working on an ebook at least!

  4. Kate that was yawn-tastic. /laughing/ Great little poem. I've been there.


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