Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Lives! In Which The Lost Robot Head Of Philip K. Dick Speaks Again

The valley most uncanny stretches wide,
E'en when we don't throw in an icon, such
As Philip K. Dick. My guts twist inside
To watch this. He'd have liked it very much,
At least at first. The android's had a long
And storied history, losing its head
In transit years ago. But such a wrong
Cannot go uncorrected, he'd have said
(Unless he said to trash the whole damned thing,
Or put somebody else's on there. He'd
Approve of Linda Rondstadt. "Make her sing
Again!" he'd say, and thus approve the deed).
I think I'm glad the head has been rebuilt,
But find it still quite creepy, to the hilt.


  1. On some level I feel that the Philip K. Dick robotic head and all its adventures is one of the clearest examples of 'not getting' an author's work; and it also proves that postmodernism is a failure - because this should be the ultimate postmodern thing, but actually it negates it all somehow. Creepy to the hilt is right...

  2. Incredibly creepy! And it even blinks. EEEWWWW.


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