Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Which I Confess Something, Podners

Wyoming's been my home, yet I've eschewed
Its native genre, Westerns, overall.
Comes time now to adjust my attitude,
For as you know, I've a new project, y'all.
Weird western writing with a friend across'd
Th'Atlantic! So perhaps it's best to add
Some westerns to my reading list. I've lost
My count of what I've planned so far. Too bad!
Zane Grey's entire ouvre safely dwells
Within my Kindle now, and hey, I did
Take up the challenge of one hundred books
In this fine year, and must do as I'm bid.
So giddayap, and lose those silly looks.
I'm drawing and I'm reading western stuff,
But still avoiding rodeos. Enough!


  1. I hope Gretel Ehrlich is on your list!

  2. I was forced to read an essay of hers in college, which I thought was the most off the mark thing about the actual west I'd ever read until Annie Proulx started making her look like Candy Moulton, but I'll give her a shot.

  3. As if I could! But L'Amour is not yet in the public domain. I got 25 Zane Grey books for my Kindle for 99 cents! Hard to beat practically free when looking ahead to a year's worth of reading 8)

  4. Your reading 100 books this year as well? OMG you're gonna be busy!!


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