Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kleenpocalypse - Or How it's NICE to Cry For Once

I think today on other times I've cried
The way I did when he held up his hand
And promised he would do his best to guide
Our progress t'ward the future of this land.
There were some, yes, but rarely tears of joy
Welled up this way. Through my much younger eyes
I saw a spaceship, like some ill-made toy
Explode and streak in pieces through the skies.
And 9/11, of course brought forth my tears,
As did the storm that swallowed New Orleans.
These pains, at least, have faded o'er the years.
There will be more, but for now what this means
Is that I'm happy, proud to see this day
But sad to know the feeling cannot stay.

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