Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Which the Pros and Cons of Shift Work Are Considered

Today while you, my readers filled the pews
At church, or stayed at home all snug in bed,
I made my way to work; for me it's Tues-
Not Sunday; yes, it messes with my head.
It's worth the slight confusion though, for I
Go home on Tuesday night, my week complete.
And three whole days and nights must all pass by
Before I must return; it's pretty sweet.
Alas, though, for my friends, and family, too,
When making plans for what we'll do for fun,
Who have to ask "What day is it for you?"
And are at work when all of mine is done.
It could be worse; last year I worked at night
And never would emerge while it was light.

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