Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Which a Five-Year Slacker/Tenant Decides to Pack Up and Leave

My landlords think it's time to raise my rent.
I think it means it's moving time for me.
But in Cheyenne even a mere pup tent
Is out of reach, for it must be dog-free.
Five years ago, I moved here to Cheyenne
With dog in tow and found this was the truth.
One place alone there was with no cruel ban
On pets and was affordable, forsooth.
The price I've paid, though, far exceeds my lease.
This building is much like a trailer park:
Oft visted by our local police,
A driveway full of shopping carts to mark
The classiness of those who dwell in here.
No rentals still, though; time to BUY, I fear.

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