Saturday, February 19, 2011


Oh, so much effort for one shiny coin
The mariners about the Pequod must
Have thought, as watching Ahab bust a groin
And other parts, to spume if not to dust
In chasing his white whale. I make it sound
Exciting, quite a thrilling quest; alas
'Tis buried deep within the book, all bound
Up in a hipster's egotism. Blast!
The captain lost his leg once to a beast
His questing for revenge led him to parts
Far-flung and not well-known. Ah me. At least
I read it on my Kindle, strained no hearts
A-hauling it around, this Moby-Dick.
At last I'm done; now give me something, quick!


  1. Ah, but you hate it with such gusto, methinks some syntacktical spears have struck ye in a place that though it ails now ye may find a pleasanter sensation later.

  2. I've still yet to finish that book. Wonderful sonnet! I wonder what Herman Melville would say? ;)

  3. Kate - there's an award waiting for you here:
    Hope you are well! :)


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