Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Which An Ebook Is Published!

At long last, I am pleased to offer here
(At SmashWords) and on Kindle just as soon
As Amazon does what it has to -- dear,
Oh dear, watch out, your sonneteer my swoon! --
An ebook of these sonnets. Later on,
In hot July, I'll make available
A print edition you may feast upon
And hold in your two hands -- I wouldn't pull
Your leg on this! But if you just can't wait,
And have an e-device on which to read
Some silly poetry by your pal, Kate,
You needn't! And the cost is low indeed.
And dig the art, by M.R. Neno, who
Did quite a job, I think! How about you?


  1. This is just great. I'm waiting for the print copy. Happy Day! Congratulations!!

  2. Dear Tamaran! That's thrilling to hear. I'll have it ready just as soon as I can. Designing a print book is just a wee bit more work than ebookery is. The cover art spurred me on though. Amazing how all that comes together 8)


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