Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Which Is Considered Chronoleptic Tense

While now we talk of future selves, I beg
O Paul, that when you do come to berate
The man you are today, you will not peg
The me who types these lines. This present Kate
Encourages your folly, reckless, wild,
And will be Past-Kate anyway when such
Event occurs, and will have seemed a child
Compared to Future-Kate - oh no! For much
As River and the Doctor might, I've tripped
A chronoleptic trigger! But indeed
We had to have blamed future Paul, who skipped
The niceties of diary-syncing, need
For retro-recognition trumping couth.
He'll make her cry in their shared retro-youth.


  1. It's already happened; future you just doesn't remember. 8)

  2. What? Damn it. No it didn't. I just went forward and switched our drinks so you got the future-roofies. Ha!

  3. Wait, where are we now? Oh, it doesn't matter, I like all the Kates. ;


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