Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Which Is Considered Color and Chemistry

So Twitter, like my father, likes me blonde.
I cared not for it when I was a kid --
The jokes, you see -- but now I know what fond
Acclaim might greet me, mayhap I am bid
To keep my locks this Lannisteran hue?
I'll ponder this awhile, and let my friend
Whose alchemy achieved it have her say
As well - hers is the effort, in the end,
This yellowing of strands all gone to grey
Through art that modern science neatly makes
So possible: while modestly I sit
And chatter through the num'rous pains she takes.
It's eye-catching, I guess, perhaps a bit?
Ah, vanity, though truly, t'was for dad
To cheer him through events that made him sad.

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