Sunday, January 8, 2012

In Which I Come Out As ATebowist

O Tebow, you're annoying, but you won,
And now my family is more than glad.
My first game of the season turned out fun
(In my book, sudden death is never bad).
Now onward through the playoffs shall ye go,
And with you go we all, our fears and hopes
Well activated - but I still say no,
That kneeling thing does not impress me. Dopes
Might tell me that I must believe, but I
Don't think, if there's a god, it interferes
In bread and circus football games. Let fly
What insult-prayers ye might; just keep the gears
A-turning, and we'll all be happy, 'kay?
Go Broncos, show the Pats just how to play.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Kate, Sorry about the Broncs. I had suggested pre-season that they hire Lebron James away from the Miami Heat & change their name to the Denver Lebroncos. Anyway, my wife discovered on Wiki that the Brit actor Peter O'Toole has memorized all of Shakespeare's sonnets (is that possible?). He's now in his 80s and claims he still re-reads them one-a-day. Altho if he has already committed them to memory, maybe he doesn't have to actually read, but just recite 'em?
    Paul F

    Happy New Year from sunny south Florida!!


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