Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In Which Ants Show Their Colors And We Are Most Pleased

The insect world is full of wonders, true,
And beauty, and of things so passing strange
As make us wonder who is fooling who
(I know that should be "whom" but I must change
The case to fit the rhyme scheme sometimes). Take
These ants, who show we all are what we eat.
Three cheers to Dr. Babu (I can't make
A name like that up!), for his passing sweet
Idea to show their abdomens take on
The colors of their food, and also bring
Some loveliness to all of us. I'll fawn
O'er these great images until something
As pretty catches my attention - though
'Twill have to be a marvel, even so!


  1. Bizarre and wonderful! Love "Bug Girl's" shot, too! :-)

  2. Yeah. Nothing gets me going like high quality insect pr0n 8)

  3. Kate, you say you can't make up a name like Dr Babu, but we can rearrange the letters (anagrammatize?) so it reads: U B Bard : > ))


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